In 1992, the founder of Pacific Coffee arrived in Hong Kong from Seattle. He was touched by the hardworking Hong Kongers and set out to provide a sanctuary for these busy people, using coffee to boost their spirits. The first Pacific Coffee was opened in the Bank of America Building in Central.

The classic circular logo with a coffee cup and beans has been in use since then. The three smoke pillars connect the red frame with the interior elements, making everything whole. “The Perfect Cup” printed on the logo was a manifesto of our service pledge and serves as a constant reminder to every staff member. We strive to provide “The perfect cup, any time, anywhere.” The italicized Pacific Coffee Company underneath the red circle alludes to the style of Chinese calligraphy. The red, gold and black color combo reflects the east-meets-west spirit embodied by the brand.

In 2010, Pacific Coffee became part of the China Resources Group. It has now set its eyes on the north with an ambitious expansion plan in China. In a bid to bring its image up to date, the brand logo’s color combo has been changed to red, black and white and the word “company” cut from the logo.

Now in 2016, as Pacific Coffee continues to grow, the logo has been further revamped. It is now a red circle with a coffee cup and coffee beans, and the name Pacific Coffee is placed within the red circle. Pacific Coffee does not only provide a perfect cup, but also a total lifestyle. “The cup, the thought, my way” is our new motto.

The Pacific Coffee brand is recognized as serving the best coffee in Hong Kong, having won numerous consumer awards organized by major magazines and websites. The times are changing, and so is our brand. But at Pacific Coffee, we keep a gracious and humble heart and maintain a heartfelt service that is always customer-oriented.



With our motto “The Cup, The Thought, My Way,” we strive to offer customers a total lifestyle experience.

The Cup – Brewing a quality cup from the heart
The Thought – Serving with humility and sensibility
My Way – Crafting a space for the enjoyment of life



As a reflection of our customers, employees, and owners, Pacific Coffee strives to be a contributing member of the communities we serve.

Our passion for assisting the local community has played an important role in defining who we are as a company. Our participation levels are varied and numerous but in most cases, our fundraising efforts are dedicated to the disabled or less fortunate children in our community and supporting the environmental causes.

There are many different charity partners that we have worked together over the years. To name a few, Changing Young Lives Foundation, End Child Sexual Abuse Foundation, Sowers Action, The Nature Conservancy, Green Peace, WWF Hong Kong and World Vision. Pacific Coffee also regularly supports educational, social, and arts organizations in Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Chinese Mainland.

In 2013, we have been given the Silver Award in F&B Industry in the Junzi Enterprises Awards. In 2015, Pacific Coffee is awarded as the 5 Years + Caring Company. This award recognizes our contribution and efforts in corporate social responsibility, another stamp of approval by the Hong Kong public for our commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Thought of the Farm Charity Fund

We have brought the farm-direct coffee bean experience to customers since the debut of 18/25 Altura in Nov 2014. To further strengthen the connection between coffee products and coffee communities, we have established “Thought of the Farm Charity Fund” to give back to the farming communities. For every 18/25 Altura, promotional drink sold, Pacific Coffee will donate HK$1 to the Fund. All money raised will be used to improve the livelihood of local farmers.

Continuous Environmental Support

Pacific Coffee is also well known for its commitment to the sustainability of the environment. Many of our products come from sustainable materials, including organic and fair trade coffee beans. To support our ongoing efforts to preserve the earth’s natural resources by minimizing waste generated through our operations, we encourage our customers to send us e-mail for comments; We urge our customers to bring their own mugs or tumblers for beverage purchase and in return, we deduct HK$3, RMB$2, SG$0.50 or RM$2 off their bills as an appreciation gesture for their support of the environment conservation.

We use energy saving auto controller which is a Hong Kong patented power-saving technology in our operations. Unlike the traditional autotransformer, this power saving technology provides the capability of stepping up/down the incoming voltages which helps keep the energy saving at an optimal level which in turn reduces electricity consumption while prolongs the lifespans of the electronic fixtures. We also partner with Food Angel and Feeding Hong Kong to donate unsold bakery items to the needy. Partners we have worked together on environmental conservation include Clean Air Network, Friends of the Earth (HK), Greenpeace, World Wild Fund for Nature Hong Kong and The Nature Conservancy.